microServiceBus.com - Price calculator

In our price calculator you can see how the price is affected based on the quantity of nodes you want, different editions of microServiceBus.com and data plans. We can offer your business an end-to-end commitment from physical installation at site to full management of your IoT-solution using microServiceBus.com as management layer. Contact us for more information.


Cloud service (SaaS)

The microServiceBus.com platform is made up of several of services that combined delivers a complete suite of IoT Device Management capabilities. microServiceBus.com is offered as a Free or Enterprise edition. The Free edition is limited to 50 devices (Nodes) and comes with no integration- or provisioning capabilities. Our Enterprise edition is offered as a multitenant option, Private- or Self-hosted option.

SIM cards and data plan

We offer SIM cards, data plans and management to many of our customers and can through our partnership with Tele2 provide very competitive pricing.

Device Management/license fee

We offer device management as a service where we monitor all your devices making sure they are always online and performs as expected. This service is provided through integration with ServiceNow where you can follow up on SLA’s, incidents and problems along with release management. This service can also be extended to 24/7. License fee is included in the Device Management fee, and only applies for non-managed devices.

This service also includes vulnerability scan of all packages installed on the agent.

From* To* Price Quantity Cost

*) Number of the devices. In this context we refer to manageable devices, such as gateways, -not sensors and meters. Such devices can also be monitored through our custom alert. Please contact sales for more detailed information.